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Organic Produce, Flowers, Plants & Grains

Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables

All of our crops are carefully tended (many are hand-harvested) so you get the cleanest, freshest, and most nutritious produce possible. Our crops include a wide range of seasonal vegetables, beautiful organic flowers, succulent berries, and starter plants for your spring garden.

Organic Flowers

Organically grown flowers are hard to find – but organic flowers grown with biodynamic practices are almost mythical. Aspen Moon is proud to be the only grower on the front range offering certified organic and biodynamically-grown blooms. Buy our flowers wholesale, at our markets, or in bulk for your DIY wedding.


All bouquets are seasonal, organic, bee-friendly, and picked by hand. Learn more about our offerings below, and contact us here:


Organic Flowers

Organic Plants

Plants & Seeds

Starter Plants


Every spring, we offer beautiful certified Organic starter plants to give our customers a jump start on the growing season in their home gardens. These plants are grown with love and care under the Organic and biodynamic practices we follow on the rest of the farm. We believe you will notice the vitality of our starter plants and know it will improve the health and success of your home garden.

Click HERE for a detailed description of our Starter Plants! *(2024 version now available!)*

Click HERE for a guide on planting Dahlia tubers.

Click HERE for a guide on planting raspberries.

Plants can be purchased in person, or by placing an online order. *Our online store opens in Spring, get on our email list to be notified!


Bulk and farmer quantities and pricing are available; please email us for pricing and availability.


*Seed Sales are on pause until further notice* 

Organic Starter plants near Boulder CO at Aspen Moon Farm
Organic seeds from Aspen Moon Farm near Boulder CO

Heritage Grains

We grow heritage grains at Aspen Moon Farm because they are important for the diversity, soil health, and rotations of our farm. Growing grains contributes to the biodynamic principle of viewing our farm as an organism and the importance of vegetables, livestock, soil, and grains all contributing as interconnected parts to the whole system.  Growing heritage grains is also important to maintain genetic diversity and availability of heirloom varieties that are more nutritious, flavorful, and easier to digest than conventionally used varieties. Heritage grains are often more drought resistant and can act as cover-crops for our soil.  Including small-scale grain production on our farm helps us maintain sustainable rotations and soil health, while providing nutritious, local grain options for ourselves and our customers. We are excited to be a part of the Noble Grain Alliance and the work that is being done in our community to promote local grain production.

Heritage Grains
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