2022 CSA Serving Boulder County & Denver Open for Signup Now!


CSA Members Get Top-Quality Produce

At Aspen Moon Farm we are dedicated to providing our CSA members with top-quality seasonal produce that puts the freshest possible local food on your table every week.

We are also certified with the Real Organic Project. Click the logo to learn more!


CSA Membership is Fun!

In the process, a CSA membership can be lots of fun! You will see the seasonal changes first-hand each week when you gather your vegetables at the Farm or by observing what is available weekly at the markets. CSA members receive first priority for seasonal bulk-ordering for home preservation projects.


Contact Us About a CSA:  info@aspenmoonfarm.com


2022 CSA serving Boulder County & Denver open for signup now!

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We manage our CSA through CSAWare, a software that is a great fit for us and for our members. Here are a few reasons why:            

  • We can offer customizable shares AND farmer’s choice shares (traditional CSA) and you can still reschedule pick-up dates           

  • CSAware is compatible with our unique offerings, such as the fruit share and our double value Thanksgiving share

  • We (Aspen Moon Farm) will assist you with any questions you have regarding your CSA share          

  • CSAware has a great understanding of farm and CSA member needs and is less expensive for members and the Farm           

  • Payment options are simplified.             

  • All emails will come from Aspen Moon Farm so you can easily find needed info

Contact Us About a CSA:  info@aspenmoonfarm.com

Customizable Share: This share allows you the most control over what you receive each week. Don’t like a certain veggie? No problem! You set your vegetable preferences at the time of sign-up. Each week (or every other week if you choose bi-weekly) we build your veggie share based on your preferences and you can swap items in and out (from your device at home on Mondays) to refine what you get each week. And you can easily purchase extra items anytime you want. The value for each item is consistently equal to retail value (i.e. prices we post at our farm stand and farmers market). You will also be able to choose between a "regular" size ($38/week) and a "small" size ($28/week). *A 5% discount will automatically be applied if you opt to pay in full at sign-up by **March 1st.**

Farmers Choice Share: This is the most traditional CSA model and offers you a discount on the seasonal produce, so you get more each week. Each week your share will be filled with a mix of great veggies chosen by the Farmers focusing on what is abundant and in-season on the Farm. You receive more when the Farm produces more. Your weekly (or biweekly) share will reflect 10-15% off retail value (i.e. prices we post at our farm stand and farmers market). For example, the Farmers Choice share costs you $38/week, but you will receive a $42-$45 value. You will still know a few days ahead what most of your share will contain, along with a few surprises. *A 5% discount will automatically be applied if you opt to pay in full at sign-up by **March 1st**.

*Going on a vacation?  No problem. Both share types allow you to reschedule a share pick-up for a different week.

No matter what type of CSA share you choose, know that each week your share will be filled with high-quality, fresh, nutritious veggies that reflect the overall seasonal offerings of the Farm.  From Spring greens and sugar snap peas to Summer tomatoes and peppers to Fall roots and winter squash with lots of variety mixed in.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to try something new and we will provide plenty of good info about each veggie to help you enjoy- YUM!  

The new software (CSAware) is part of localharvest.org, a well-known national online directory connecting people to local farms since 2000.  We expect to stay put with this software.


Summer CSA Share

2022 Shares are provided the week of May 18th - the week of October 13th.  This is 22 weeks of CSA shares. ** The 22 week share is now full, we have an 18 week share still available for sign up. This share begins the week of June 15th and runs through the week of October 13th.


Share Type

Choose between a customizable box and a farmer's choice box. 

*A customizable box will be built for you each week based on your preferences. You will then have a chance to swap items in and out. This is offered in a small or a regular size, weekly or bi-weekly. 

*A farmer's choice box will be a mix of what is in season, selected by us and not available to customize. This share type will give you a slightly larger volume of veggies for the price. This is offered in a regular size, weekly or bi-weekly.



  • Weekly - "small " $28/share, "regular" $38/share.

  • Biweekly - "small " $28/share, "regular" $38/share. Pick-up is every other week (11 total shares).

Pay in 4 installments or pay in full at sign-up and receive 5% off *if signed up before March 1st.

Shares may be a bit smaller in spring/early summer and larger in the peak of late summer/early fall. 
Shares will vary with availability and weather.


What will I give?  You give your support: financially, which ensures your local farm can meet the annual upfront costs of seasonal production; and by committing to buy local produce all summer long and fueling local agriculture. Together we are building a local food system!  

Contact Us About a CSA:  info@aspenmoonfarm.com

Summer CSA Pick-Up Locations

Farm pick-up

Wed/Thurs 2-6pm at the Farm. You may pick-up on Wednesday OR Thursday each week, it is up to you and you do not need to tell us which day you plan on coming.  The roadside Farm Stand is also open to the public at that time; members benefit by being able to purchase extra items if desired.  Location is 7927 Hygiene Rd.  

Boulder pick-up

Pick-up is at Pastificio located at 2438 30th St. Boulder

Pick-up your share on Wednesdays from 2-6pm.This pickup will be right in front of Pastificio, a craft pasta shop run by our good friends Claudia & Ted. We will be the ones with a big purple tent. You can go into Pastificio to buy fresh pasta when you pickup your CSA share. It's win, win, win!

Denver pick-up

Ideal Market in Cap Hill - 900 East 11th Ave. This will be every Thursday 4pm-6pm from May 19th to October 13th. We will be setting up in the parking lot.

Yippee for good local food in the big city!!  All shares will be pre-boxed for quick and easy pick up (bread shares are not an option as this is a unique arrangement).

Fall CSA Share

The Fall share runs from the week of October 19th - the week of December 1st. *The pick-up options are Farm Stand on Wed/Thurs 2pm-6pm (the week of Thanksgiving will be limited to a Wed only pick-up) OR Boulder on Wed 2pm-6pm.  

Fall CSA has 8 vegetable shares provided over a 7 week period - there will be a double cost/value share the week of Thanksgiving. The Fall share is only available as a regular size, farmer's choice box.

Examples of fall vegetables that will vary with availability and weather:

  • Root vegetables: Carrots, Beets, Radish, Celeriac, Rutabagas, Turnips, Potatoes, Parsnip, Onions, Garlic, Shallots, Fennel

  • Fall Greens: Kale, Chard, Spinach, Bok Choi, Tatsoi or other Specialty Greens

  • Winter Squash (all kinds), Horseradish, Dry Beans, Cabbage, Napa, Radicchio, Broccoli, Kohlrabi

  • Specialty Items: Aspen Moon Farm's own Heirloom Dutch Butter Popcorn and Heirloom stoneground Cornmeal!

Contact Us About a CSA:  info@aspenmoonfarm.com


Optional Add-Ons

 Available only for CSA Members who have purchased a summer vegetable share.

Fruit Share

We are proud to offer Certified Organic fruit provided by Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss, CO.  Fruit pick-up will be offered on six separate dates from mid-August through mid-October.  Typical fruit shares include:  peaches, pears, apples, fresh apple cider, and jam.  Lines can often be long at the Farmers Markets for fruit, and often fruit sells out quickly.  You pick up your fruit share with your Aspen Moon Farm CSA on the designated dates.

Flower Share

We offer 10 weeks of custom fresh organic flower bouquets to adorn your home from early July to mid September.  All flowers are grown here at Aspen Moon Farm.  Flowers help to diversify the farm and attract beneficial pollinators and insects for better crop production.  The flowers also make the farm a more beautiful place for everyone.

Bread Share - Unavailable

Moxie Bread will provide fresh loaves. 1 loaf per week (you may purchase 2 shares if you would like 2 loaves per week) or every other week if biweekly share is chosen. $7.50 value/week. There will be a variety of bread types each week and may include Millabrød, Farmhaus, Frobrod, Ciabatta, Whole Wheat. All breads have a European crust, moist & chewy inside. Please note that while we will try to make sure folks get a chance to try differnt loaf varieties, even distrubution will not be possible. Please prepare for repeats of these fantastic varieties. *PICK-UP* Boulder- you will pick-up the bread with your veggie share on Wednesday in Niwot from 2pm-6pm. Farm(Tues/Wed) - you will pick up the bread on Wednesday 2pm-6pm with your veggie share(bread will be delivered fresh every Wednesday to our farm, so Tuesday bread pick-up is not an option). Farm(Thurs/Fri) - you will pick-up bread on Thursday 2pm-6pm with your veggie share(you may pick-up Friday as well, but please note bread will be delivered fresh every Thursday)

Berries and Eggs

A limited number of these unique high-demand items will be available for purchase.  Sold separately when available.  Raspberries are available both at the Farm and at the Markets.   Due to regulations, we are only able to sell eggs on-site at the Farm.  Our happy hens are free-ranging and fed only local organic feed and farm pasture.   

Interested in Heritage Beef? We can refer you to our farmer friends at All Natural Homestead Beef (La Salle, CO). ANHB has bulk beef available now! Click here for details. To get started, call or text Frank at 303.818.6564

Thank You

for Supporting Local Organic Agriculture!

What Areas Do You Serve?

We distribute to all of Boulder County which includes Boulder, Longmont, and suburbs such as Lafayette, Superior, Louisville, Lyons, and Johnstown, Colorado. Have a question about if we serve your area? Reach out and ask!

What is CSA?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) connects people to their local food source. Grown out of an old tradition, the CSA model has played an integral part in supporting the return of a strong local food system. The farmer offers ‘shares’ in the farm for sale to the local community in the winter or early spring season.