The Rose Finn Fingerling Potato

Potatoes can be such a ubiquitous staple around the house; however, at Aspen Moon Farm, we grow six distinct potato varieties, all so very unique, that the potato will never be looked at with boring unanimity again.  Prized by chefs, we have two fingerling potatoes planted, the Rose Finn Apple variety being one.  Blushed pink in color with a slight yellow interior, this fingerling potato is waxy in texture with a buttery flavor, medium in size, and well-clustered as it grows.

This long and slender fingerling is native to the South American Andes Mountains, but its’ flavor can be very Americana.  Perfect roasted with fresh herbs, garlic, and drizzled with truffle oil, it also grills up nicely to make the perfect potato salad.  In fact, tonight, I am enjoying them in a potato salad with sweet peppers, celery, Veganaise, sesame oil, mustard, and a small amount of hoisin.  Delectable in texture, this is possibly the best rendition of a summer favorite I’ve had in some time.

All of this aside, at the, no pun intended, “root” of it all, the fingerling potato is a heritage cultivar that naturally grows longer with more knobs than the conventional potato.  Not to be confused with a new potato, the fingerling is fully mature in its’ size and flavor upon harvest.  Enjoy the fingerling in any of its’ aforementioned uses, or try them mashed with olive oil, skins on.  As is the case with many of nature’s most wonderful gifts, the ingredients do not need to be manipulated, rather slightly supplemented to enhance their natural flavors.  Enjoy the lovely Rose Finn in all of her natural finesse.

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