Hail 2018

We are saddened to share with you the news that hail has damaged most of our crops on our Niwot fields. Hail in Colorado is a very local phenomenon, so our main Hygiene location didn’t even get a drop of rain. But our Niwot fields were pounded for over 30 minutes with hail in a mix of sizes, many hailstones the size of large marbles. A few such hailstones would have been annoying. But there was so much hail overall that there was up to two inches left on the ground for hours afterwards. (Check out the photos.) Everything in the area that had leaves lost at least half of them (trees, weeds, and crops). Small sprouts and shoots were essentially pounded flat. Our beautiful sugar snap peas looked like they had been trampled by a herd of wild horses. You have to see the pictures to really get a sense of the devastation. As word of the hail damage has gotten around, many people have asked us how they might help. We would like to let you know of two possible ways. A friend has set up a GoFundMe campaign that you can donate to directly if you feel so inclined:


Additionally, tax deductible donations could be made to support the farm through our unique partnership with the Boulder Valley Waldorf School where our Niwot fields are located. BVWS has non-profit status so it can receive tax deductible donations. BVWS and Aspen Moon have been working together to build the farm on the schools acreage for 3 years; a great benefit for the school and the Farm! 30 acres of our Niwot fields are on the schools property and the other adjacent 30 acres is county leased land. The majority of the crop loss was on this school acreage. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to our work, you can donate to the Boulder Valley Waldorf Farm Initiative. Your donation will help Aspen Moon and BVWS continue to develop the farm in Niwot and will be managed by Aspen Moon to finance the repair and expansion of the farm infrastructure there, allowing Aspen Moon to recover, rebuild and survive the crop losses.


For more info on AMF and BVWS please read below…

We are extremely grateful for the continual outpouring of support from our community.

Jason and Erin


Aspen Moon/Boulder Valley Waldorf Farm Initiative.

Why give to BVWS if we want to support AMF?  Your donation to the BVWS Farm-support will be managed by Jason Griffith, owner of AMF and Farm Manager at BVWS.  Jason will manage and use the Funds to support the FARM INITIATIVE.

What is the Farm Initiative?

It’s a partnership between AMF and BVWS to build a Sustainable, Biodynamic Farm on the outer 30 acres of the BVWS campus.  Over the past few years we have worked to build soil and infrastructure to regenerate the Fields and Natural Areas.

Some of the completed projects so far include:

  • Completing an $80k dollar Pond, Pump and Irrigation system for up to 10 acres of production.  The Majority of the costs were off-set with the NRCS EQUIP program.  In other words, Free Government Money.
  • Weed Management and Soil Building
  • Farm Design, Layout and Road Building
  • Complete Biodynamic Management of the Land

Some of the Projects that we hope to complete in 2018/2019:

  • Electric Service- Run a 100 amp service to the Farm Location to power a Walk-in cooler, Power tools, Mechanic tools etc.
  • Irrigation- Complete The Final Stages of the Irrigation Project
  • Wash/Pack house- Build a FSMA (food Safety) approved wash and pack area for vegetables.
  • Fencing- Build/Improve so that we can incorporate livestock into the Farming Operation.
  • Barn-  for livestock and Community Gatherings-  We have County Approval already.

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